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learn japanese

Learn Japanese
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Learn Japanese - 学ぶ日本語

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This community was made for people interested in learning or currently learning Japanese. It is mostly focused on the basic to intermediate levels of learning.

Please note that the title of this community is the catchphrase "Learn Japanese" in Japanese which is acceptable for titles, but not in conversation or written text.

Beyond that, have fun and 頑張って (がんばって)!


Please always check the Memories or FAQ before asking a question. If you are just beginning, it is very likely that someone has asked a similar question to yours.

1. Be respectful to other members.

2. Keep your questions relatively basic. If your questions are clear and properly typed, you may get faster and more replies.

3. Advertising posts that are not relevant to the community will be removed. Please keep advertising simple or contact us if you are uncertain.

4. In keeping with modern teaching methods used in most colleges today, no lesson post should contain romaji without kana above it. The only exception is pointing out verb patterns, as this is made much simpler with roman characters.

5. If you are using kanji beyond the Japanese Ministry of Education's First Grade List, kindly have a kana pronunciation guide included. Posting meanings and memorization help at the end of a post containing them is appreciated, but not required.


I'm just beginning, what should I do?
What Books/Software/CDs do you recommend?
How do I install Japanese language support?
Where can I find a good Japanese/English Dictionary?
Where can I find a mobile Japanese/English Dictionary?
Do you have any tips for memorising/reading kana or kanji?
Who should I contact with questions about this community?




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